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Project TitleProtein Stabilization and Storage Systems
Track CodeP2010-015
Short Description

Protein stabilization and storage solutions and systems for use with biological pharmaceutical compositions


The use of biological therapeutics to treat a range of medical conditions is becoming increasingly popular in modern medicine.   However, the ability of proteins to retain a properly folded structure is paramount to their function in vivo and efficacy in therapeutic application.                                                   

There is a great need in the industry for novel formulations and compositions containing therapeutic polypeptides which promote the stability and maintain the biological activity of the proteins before administration to a patient.            


 Advantages and Applications:                                                                

  • Dramatically improve the shelf life of a protein in solution allowing the protein to retain both structure and activity;                                             
  • Improved thermal stability;                                                                      
  • Application to many different therapeutic proteins;                                    
  • Alternative to costlier lyophilized products.                                              

Patent Pending: PCT/US2010/58842; U.S. 13/392,784                             

Contact:  Bradley Fach, Associate Director   704-687-8018 or

Tagsprotein, protein therapy, stability, thermal, solution, pharmaceutical, polypeptide
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