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Project TitleEfficiency Enhancement of Photovoltaic Cells
Track CodeP2009-023
Short Description

Groundbreaking technology for enhanced efficiency photovoltaic cells


The solar market is growing at a rapid speed; annual shipments of solar cell modules have been increasing at a rate of over 30% in the past few years. Demand for increasingly more efficient photovoltaic cells is consistently growing. Photovoltaic cells utilizing this technology may have inefficiencies of 20% or more over current cells.                                                                   

Advantages and Applications                                                                    

  • Enhanced light absorption;                                                                        
  • Minimized light reflection;                                                                         
  • Greater ability for the recapture of wasted light energy;                              
  • Technology can be easily incorporated into all of the current photovoltaic technologies;  
  • Production electricity with a cost of around $0.80 or less per watt.           

Patent Pending: PCT/US2010/026722; U.S. 13/255,487

Contact:  Bradley Fach, Associate Director   704-687-8018 or

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