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Project TitleRapid Nucleic Acid Recognition and Detection of Low Concentrations of Pathogens
Track CodeP2010-004
Short Description

Novel detector for the rapid recognition of low concentration pathogens 


There is no known single platform device today that can rapidly concentrate targeted agents in complex biological fluids (e.g. urine, sweat, saliva, blood) and detect, with high specificity, a targeted agent.  The innovation of our diagnostic technology enables a single, cost effective solution for rapid nucleic acid recognition of low concentrations of pathogens (less than 1 pg/ml) in 30 seconds in a single compact modular ‘device’ that is eco-friendly and disposable. This will enable rapid detection of wide variety of pathogens with high specificity for   remote villages of third world countries where access to health care facilities is minimal or non-existent and serving as point of care for orthopedic trauma in US hospitals. Finally, the detector can also be used to monitor pathogens in water for identifying clean sources of water in matter of minutes.  

Patent: U.S. 8,485,025

Contact:  Bradley Fach, Associate Director  704-687-8018 or

Tagsdetect, antigen, concentration, biological, nucleic acid, detector, pathogens, water, fluid, urine, sweat, saliva, blood, diagnostic
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