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Project TitleBioreactor Designed to Support Anchorage Dependent Cells
Track CodeP2008-035
Short Description

Novel bioreactor designed to support anchorage dependent cells to be used for a wide range of cellular, tissue, and organ applications.


The novel bioreactor has unique features that include its demonstrated capacity for cell support, including hepatocytes, and the design of its cellular space.  Specifically it is able to accommodate functional and reasonably sized tissue (more than 2.0x10 to the 8th cells).  The device is a significant improvement of existing bioreactors as its cellular space can be easily altered for different applications, it has features that make it easier for the cells to be successfully stored for later use, and it offers ease of scale up.  The membrane-frame design of its cellular space allows it to be adapted for use with a range of attachment dependent cells; and enables it to be stored for off-the-shelf availability.  

Patent Pending: PCT/US2008/078219; U.S. 12/935,351  

Contact:  Bradley Fach, Associate Director  704-687-8018 or

TagsBioreactor, hepatocytes, liver, tissue, engineering, cells, support, membrane, attachment, dependent, cellular, organ
Posted DateOct 7, 2013 4:42 PM

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