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Project TitleAntibiotic Loaded Nanoparticles and Local Delivery System to Treat Wounds and Infections
Track Code2008-005
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With over 500,000 surgical site infections reported each year in the United States and increasing antibiotic resistance to standard treatments, the medical industry is in desperate need for a solution to this $30 billion dollar a year problem.


Revolutionary antibiotic loaded nanoparticles are delivered locally to infected patients for treatment or as a prophylactic. Patent pending nanoparticles have proven to be effective at killing both extracellular AND intracellular S. aureus bacteria in osteoblast cells.

Patent Pending: PCT/US2009/030829; U.S. 12/866,939 

Contact:  Bradley Fach, Associate Director  704-687-8018 or

Tagsnanoparticles, infection, s. aureus, wound, antibiotic, antibiotic resistance
Posted DateJun 24, 2010 10:59 AM


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PCT/US09/30829 None Utility Not Applicable (PCT App)

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